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    Friday, January 24, 2020


    Catholic School Week starts next week.  There are planned activities throughout the whole week.  Check out the school website for more details.

    What We Are Learning

    Math: The students have been learning more about how to solve story problems.  They now have index notebooks that I got them, and we are filling the pages with math notes, problems, and math words.  For the rest of the year we will be adding strategies, etc. that can be used as a reference and they can keep it for next year.

    LAWe are reading about monuments and landmarks. We will be starting our unit on informative (expository) writing.  The students will be choosing a national park or landmark (I have them pick one from a jar) and they will be writing a research paper on what they pick.  We continue to practice identifying complete subjects and predicates.  The reading logs should be filling up. Next week I will be checking on the students' reading logs.  The reading logs will be collected on the first school day of each month

    Science: We will be starting a new unit on Life Science.

    Social Studies: The social studies test will be Tuesday. We will be able to do a review on Monday. The students should have brought home two papers to look over this week-end and study. 


    We will be starting a new unit on 4th grade Life Science.



    Mrs. Kropa