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    Friday, March 13, 2020


    There will be no school until March 27th due to the virus outbreak.  I sent out an email to all of the third grade parents.  If you did not receive it please email me.

     What We Are Learning

    Math: We are still working on division.  However, I am going to teach short lessons on area and perimeter.  I have a project that they will do with area and perimeter if the school closes down.  If it doesn't I will still have them complete the project at another time.


    The students continue to work on main ideas and details when reading passages.  They just wrote their final draft for their narrative  story about orbiting the Earth.

    The students were just given a national park that they will be writing an informative paper on. I would like to keep the research process done in class. It keeps everyone at the same pace and I can oversee the project.  I want them to look up the information and complete the project themselves.  If you want to go to the library and get books on the park your child is doing, please have them bring the book to class to use.

    Spelling words will vary between easy and more difficult words.  The students will do their packets at school during independent work time (while I meet with small groups). 

    Science: We continue to work on the life science unit.  The students are learning about cells and plants. We have been looking under the microscope at plants and onion skin to see their cells. We finished our lab where the students completed their drawings of what they saw. 

    Social Studies: We continue to study "Where Are Communities?" We continue to work on map skills.  We are presently working on the different regions.  


    We have been working on our unit on Living Organisms. The students will be studying about living things, in particular, animals.  They have been using the microscope to view slides.  They also made slides to observe onion cells. 



    Mrs. Kropa