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    Just another reminder that students should not be wearing boots to school.  They are too heavy to play in and dangerous on the stairway. 


     Our letter this week is Mm .....we will be finding words that start with M! We will also learn about Martin Luther King, Jr.  

    In Math we are working on our numbers book.  This week we will learn a song about the number 2!   We are counting objects now and recognizing our numbers! 

    We are having fun learning our last names, too!  


    If you need more lunch tickets, please write a note and let us know and we will send more home for you.  Please make more copies at home, if possible....


    Thank you for labeling coats.  We are getting good at finding our coats and hanging them on a hook.  Now, we are working on putting on coats with zippers and buttons!        


     4 Year Old Preschool Hours

    Full Day Hours-  7:45- 2:15  

    Shortened Day Hours-  Morning Class- 7:45-9:30

                 Full Day Students Dismiss at 11:45                                                

    Mrs. Cruise





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